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Analyze & Track Your Business Performance!

Knowing where your visitors are coming from, what pages they are visiting, how long they stay, and which pages they leave your site from can give you the ammunition you need to target your existing visitors for conversion. Whether it be the completion of your online form, sending you an email, or ideally placing a phone call to you - visitors can be inspired to do just that by making a few changes to your site.

We study and learn what makes your web site work as well as what obstacles it presents to potential visitors or customers.

We then design a structure that can improve traffic and sales. Our website evaluations address technical, design, and communication concerns, identifying areas for improvement in the following areas:

But it all starts with our Website Analysis Service...

  • SEO - Has the site been optimized for search engine ranking? Do the keywords match the content of every page? Are styles being used properly? Are important keywords hidden because they reside in images or Javascript?
  • Design - Does the design convey the appropriate level of professionalism, sophistication, and friendliness for your industry? Are the calls-to-action clearly identified?
  • Usability - Can website visitors find the information they need quickly and easily? Can they tell where they are and navigate place-to-place? Are forms and dynamic content logically organized?
  • Website Tracking - Are you able to track the number of visits on your site? Where are they from? What keywords they used to search for you?
  • Social Tracking - Can your website reach it's target customers by tapping into the social stream? Which social media tactics are best for your site?
  • Keywords Enhancements - Which keywords can increase your rank in search engine? Which common keywords are used?